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Our Programs Include:

Super-Session Truck and Bus Training (196 hrs.)

Our best-value program.  It combines our Advanced Class A training and our Class B passenger endorsement training. With this training, you will obtain both your Class A license on a 10-speed truck and an unrestricted bus license on a 40-passenger, 28,000 lb. vehicle. This program will greatly expand your employment options to limousines, charter or city buses as well as any Class A driving position.

Advanced Class A Truck Driver Training (160 hrs. )

This is a very intense program with a primary emphasis on safe operations and accident prevention.  Upon completion of the training program, your safety awareness will be expanded and your skills will exceed the requirements of many employers. You will be road-ready and confident in your driving ability to drive. We use industry-standard 10-speed trucks to prepare you for a long-lasting career.

Advanced Class B Truck or Bus Driver Training (128 hrs. )

We provide a huge emphasis on safe operation and accident prevention. A Class B license (straight truck) will help you obtain driving employment such as garbage trucks, cement trucks, straight bobtail delivery, or a passenger bus.  Like all of our programs, we will provide you with real-life bus/truck driving experience utilizing industry-standard equipment.

Refresher Course Class A & B Truck or Bus Driver Training (60 hrs. )

Our refresher program is recognized and approved throughout the transportation industry.  It is designed for individuals with prior commercial driving experience (truck or bus) or who qualify for the program.

Hourly Rates- Starting at 120.00/hr

( minimum charge of 4 hrs.)

We can provide assistance in the following areas :

  1.   Written exam assistance ( DMV permits or license renewal)
  2.   Pretrip inspection and/or air brake test assistance
  3.   Learn double clutching on a 10-speed truck
  4.   Help with backing techniques and tools

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