Advance Your Career!

The campus owner, Woodrow Lucas has been driving professionally for over 17 yrs. Along with his vast
safe driving experience Mr. Lucas brings with him several years of sales and customer service techniques
to share with our students in order to make them more marketable and improve their employment chances.

His desire for each of the students of ABTDS is for them to become safe drivers not only as a commercial
truck or bus driver but also when they are driving their personal vehicles and also to have employment
longevity either as an owner-operator or as a valued employee.


Woodrow has over 15 yrs. of commercial driving experience and over 20 yrs. of management and superior customer service training. He has developed training programs on behalf of fortune 500 companies as well as public sector agencies and school districts within the state of California. His success is largely attributed to excellent organizational and communication skills. His commitment to excellence will ensure that ABTDS will provide the commercial driving industry with the best-qualified entry-level drivers for years to come!

Woodrow Lucas

Economist / Еntrepreneur /Advance Founder

Tuition Assistance

If you are a military veteran, unemployed, under-employed (your income has been significantly reduced), recipient of government assistance (food stamps, general assistance, CalWorks, SSI), or have a disability (physical or learning) you may qualify for a full-tuition grant!  We also accept insurance retraining
as well.

Here is a list of a few of the agencies that we work with and may provide training grants to cover the cost of
your training tuition: